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January 27, 2014

Paperless Venezuela - News workers raise alarm about lack of newsprint

The inability of Venezuelans to score foreign currency through legal mechanisms has caused all sorts of problems. Toilet paper, flour, chicken, car parts and scores of other items have been difficult - if not impossible - to find as importers say they don't have the foreign cash they need to pay suppliers. Now it's the turn of newspapers. The National Syndicate of Newspaper Workers said Monday that 80 broadsheets and tabloids are facing newsprint shortages. Some have already gone under and more than a dozen others have scaled back production due to the lack of newsprint. On Monday, workers began hanging signs around Caracas like this one, which reads: "Without paper there's no newspapers / jobs." The government is struggling to get its arms around the problem. Last week, they devalued the bolivar and vowed to double the amount of dollars available at weekly auctions. Far too soon to tell if that will work. Here's more on slow-mo economic crisis.




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"The government is struggling to get its arms around the problem."

Heh. The government IS the problem. They ran out of toilet paper back in May, and the government nationalized the factory in September. Here we are in January and guess what? No paper!

BTW they're also out of food. Viva socialism!


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