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May 01, 2013

Nicolas Maduro says opposition instigated last night's legislative brawl, used "paralyzer" gas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said opposition lawmakers were to blame for the bloody, chair-throwing brawl in the National Assembly Tuesday night. During a May Day speech he said the opposition had provoked the violence and had arrived at the Assembly with "paralyzers," which is a "gas" they intended "to throw in the face of the deputies."

He also said he would be showing videos to prove it. You can see some of the footage that's already out there here

And here's today's Miami Herald story about Tuesday's May Day marches.


Government supporters and opposition groups in Venezuela held dueling May Day marches Wednesday amid growing tensions over last month’s contested presidential election and one day after the legislature devolved into a bloody, chair-throwing brawl.

The rallies were, ostensibly, to celebrate international workers day, and counted on the support of rival unions and labor organizations. But they were also a show of political strength in a nation still at odds over the April 14 presidential vote.

President Nicolás Maduro and rival Henrique Capriles spearheaded the marches but tried to avoid confrontation by routing their supporters through different parts of Caracas.

In his ongoing battle to prove that the election was plagued by fraud, Capriles, 40, the governor of Miranda state, told throngs of supporters he would be handing over evidence of irregularities to the Supreme Court on Thursday. “We will make our case to every institution even though we don’t trust the state,” he said. “In any moment this [government] will fall, but its exit has to be constitutional. … This is a peaceful fight to defeat their lies.” Read the full story here.


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The entire election was a FRAUD...Maduro and his cohorts are nothing more than puppets of the Castro regime, falsely "elected" by rigged voting machines. Chavista supporters were sent out, armed and disguised as opposition supporters to purposely cause violence and blame it on the opposition, as most Venezuelans know. The Asemblea Nacional AND the Supreme Court are both loaded with Chavistas and their corruption, as Chavez planned. This country is being run into the ground by a gang of thugs,liars and thieves.

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