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August 03, 2012

The Olympic issue: Cuba has best per capita showing except for New Zealand

It's day seven of the Olympics and time to see how Latin America is faring in the medal race. While none of the nations have broken the Top 10, there's plenty to be proud of. Colombia's Rigoberto Uran came out of nowhere on day one to win a silver in cycling and trounce the hometown favorites. Venezuelan Fencer Ruben Limardo (seen biting his medal below) won that nation's first gold since 1968. And as usual, Cuba is doing very well considering its size. With a population of 11 million and 5 medals so far, that works out to 1 medal for every 2.2 million residents. Unless I am missing something, that's the best per capita showing save New Zealand (six medals and a population of 4.3 million, or 1 medal for every 716,66 people).

Here's the Latino per captia breakdown:

Cuba            1 medal per 2.2 mln

Colombia     1 medal per 15 mln

Mexico         1 medal per 16 mln

Venezuela   1 medal per 28 mln

Brazil           1 medal per 34 mln

And here's the medal breakdown

Nation  Gold    Silver  Bronze  Total    

Brazil    1        1         4            6

Cuba     2        2         1            5

Mex.     0       3         1             4

Col.       0       2         1            3

VZ.        1        0         0            1     

And here's the medal biter:


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