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November 28, 2011

Colombia FARC hostage: rebels unfazed by Alfonso Cano's death

When Colombian special forces tracked down and killed the FARC's top commander Alfonso Cano on Nov. 4, the government expected it to have a huge psychological impact on the rebel group. And there have been more than 50 FARC desertions since then.

But today, I had a chance to ask Police Sergeant Luis Alberto Erazo - who had been held captive by theFARC for almost 12 years - how the news about Cano's death was taken among the guerrilla ranks.

He said the FARC column guarding him, at least, didn't seem to care. 

“The guerrillas said that Alfonso Cano had died and that his replacement had been named; that one person went to his grave and another will lead the FARC,” Erazo said. Their attitude is “this is war. Today I die, tomorrow you die.”

That's pretty grim, and a stark reminder of how this rebel group has survived for almost 50 years. 

You can read about Erazo's narrow escape here. 


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Since they obviously are getting short of members in their Marxist terrorist organization perhaps some OWS protestors will join them when the cities finally end their sit ins. Oh wait, they have to be here to collect their government benefit checks every month and absolutely have to be here to vote for Obama as often as possible 1 year from now.

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