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December 03, 2010

The service chiefs on DADT, a brillant summary

Here is the best summary of Friday’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with the military service chiefs on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, with apologies to Jackie Mason. This is courtesy of a friend of mine who gave me permission to repost this here.

We want to do it, but not now.

Maybe later. I don’t know.

We’re ready. But not yet.

It’s the right thing to do. But not a good idea. And not now.

We need time. Don’t ask how much. We’re too busy.

Do it when we’re busy. We won’t notice.

But not too busy. We can’t handle it.

We can handle anything. But not now.

Do it in 2012. I don’t know why.

But not in 2011. We’re too busy.

We can do it slow. But not fast. But don’t make us do it slow.

We can do it here. But not there.

We could do it there. But not now. Maybe when we get back. Tuesdays are good.

Don’t put me in a foxhole with a gay guy. Unless I don’t know. Then it’s OK.

If I find out later, even better. Then we’re pals.

Be what you want. But don’t tell me.

Marines can do anything. Except deal with that.

Don’t make me sleep on the ground. I have a bad back. It’ll give me the grippe.

I can do it. But not now. Maybe later. Call me. We’ll talk.


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