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November 12, 2009

'Obamarama': Barack Obama Road

After a hiatus, and in time for Friday, Obamarama is back, thanks to this image I fished out of my cell phone. I shot this in Mombasa back in April and forgot about it.


Yes, that's Barack Obama Road, printed in stencil.

Previous Obamarama images:
Cell phone, Kenya

Obama Restaurant and Cafe, Somalia

Bubble gum in Kisumu, Kenya
Kanga bag in Nairobi, Kenya
Hope Gift Shop in Kisumu, Kenya
Mini Market in Kigali, Rwanda
Video shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Bar-cafe in Cotonou, Benin
Snacks Point in Ntulele, Kenya


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Rob Crilly

I have a Jerusalem example for you

Oscar in Miami Beach

The worse thing that is happening to the USA is Africa.All that USA dollars send as charity is helping China sell goods to the africans.The money helps China not the USA or Africa.Anybody (Bono,Oprah,Brad Pitt,Jolie) that think that USA charity dollars help africans is very very wrong.The africans are still in poverty and will continue to be until their dictators and seudo-democratic Presidents decide to leave the $ in Africa instead that in Swiss bank Accounts and properties in the French Riviera.Stop the african charity train now and let China send them their Huans.


In Ghana they printed a myriad of styles of Obama cloth for his visit. Now you can see whole families dressed in perfectly tailored matching Obama outfits!

I'll have to try and snap a few to send to you!!

Holli in Accra

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