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November 10, 2009

Carryout chicken

You know you're in Africa when...

...after napping on a long road trip back from the bush, you reach your destination, look in the back of the truck and find your stuff has been joined by two huge sacks of charcoal and two live chickens.


This was from my trip through northern Mozambique last week with the good folks at World Vision. I dozed off on the long, flat road from Morrumbala to Quelimane, and was assured that the roadside poultry was better and cheaper than city chickens.

Here's a closer look at dinner:



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Texas in Africa

On the bright side, at least you didn't wake up with two country chickens in your lap or flapping around in the back seat. :)

Texas ExPat

Kariaku fried chicken in Dar es Salaam is much more tasty than anything the Colonel ever has to offer..

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