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October 08, 2009

Dark humor

I was walking out of a Nairobi movie theater last night. (Finally watched "Up." Enchanting.) An American friend saw this poster in the lobby and said: "Hey, a movie about the next Kenyan election!"

2012 movie poster 

I laughed. Our three Kenyan friends didn't.


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Our Kid

I would have laughed too.

We have been warned.


Hi Shawshank. Funny - but not. It's too close to true for your Kenyan friends...

Great blog. Still reading. You are linked at Holli's Ramblings :)


how optimistic you all are...i'm quite sure kenya won't have elections (free or otherwise) anytime close to 2012


The problem with Kenya is that everyone's an expert, and usually not Kenyan.

Omondi Obura

lol. thats so funny yet eerie. i mean we all know that the 2012 conspiracy theorists argue that the world will either end or not be the same again after 21.12.2012. However, to a kenyan this appears to be not a conspiracy at all but rather a possibility that may turn into reality if the reforms are not implemented before the next general election. I dont buy that Maya calendar, Nibiru etc etc stuff but I really have serious concerns as Kenyan as to how that year may end and what will follow thereafter.

Shashank Bengali

@Gee - I don't claim to be an expert, just someone who's lived here for four years and has an informed opinion or two. As you can see there are at least some Kenyans who share my pessimism.

The Patriot

I don't see the joke.

What's funny, though is that that McClatchy correspondent isn't based in Mogadishu. Or Harare. Or Kinshasa.


"The problem with Kenya is that everyone's an expert, and usually not Kenyan."

I think that comment best applies to "Yatin," whoever that is.

I'm so bored with foreign comments about Africa. Give it a rest.


... and if 3 members of your family had been butchered in the last election, I'm not so sure you'd have found it funny either.


"I'm so bored with foreign comments about Africa. Give it a rest."

Bored eh? Aren't we all bored of the failures of African leadership. What a depressing story Kenya is, squandering its relative advantages and international goodwill to slide furhter and further into chaos... Kenya has clearly given it a rest when it comes to governance, economic management etc etc. .

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