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August 19, 2009

Meet the Simpsons of Angola

America's most dysfunctional cartoon family (OK, second most) is coming to TV screens in Angola, via the South African satellite giant DSTV. How to introduce the Simpsons to a new market? An Angolan ad agency came up with this advertisement:


(Hat tip to my McClatchy colleague, Dion Nissenbaum in Jerusalem.)

I love Homer's funky shirt and the cool braids on the girls. Homie's also drinking some unnamed African version of Duff. Looking at the original image, it seems most of the furniture has been replaced with two giant stereo speakers. I've never been to Angola, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of that one, but otherwise I think it's pretty funny.

No idea whether the ad agency, Executive Center, or the Angolan channel Bue got approval from the show's creators. But there's no way an American agency could have got away with the blackface.


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Texas ExPat

I love Africa!


The unnamed drink is the Angola national beer - called Cuca BGI. It's a can of cuca


Well, the Simpson's are not White... they are Yellow.

Why didn't they make them Purple or Green for Angola?


Fantastic Simpson pic


That is a crazy advertisement. It would never fly in the US. People would be outraged and it would be all over the media.


Nzuri sana!

Everyone will enjoy much.

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