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No bunny relief for disaster victims

Mexico Tropical Weath_Nost
The publishing house that produces Mexico’s edition of Playboy magazine contends the government has rejected two truckloads of disaster relief needed by victims of two hurricanes that lashed the nation’s coasts simultaneously last week.

Grupo Gin Media Business said its employees had rounded up a “modest” contribution for disaster relief.

“We know that this is only a small contribution to all that is needed, however, we think it is worth and will make a difference for at least a small number of families,” it said in a statement.

“Sadly, because this publishing house counts among its titles various magazines such as Open, El Gourmet, Forward, Soy Grupero and Playboy, our help has been rejected because a few deem one of our titles not worthy of cooperating, Playboy magazine,” it added.

Grupo Gin said it would not be discouraged. It said one of its playmates, Brazilian Leia Freitas, would preside over a drive this afternoon to gather more relief supplies and the company would work around the government, delivering the goods on its own.

That's an AP photo above, by the way, of the tremendous damage in La Pintada, the Guerrero state town that was smacked by mud slides and flooding, causing a bulk of the 140 or fatalities from the storm.


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pink schnoid

that's a darn good question, hana....mojigatos y hipocritas, el gobierno


I'm stunned by the absurdity ... how many out-of-wedlock children does Pres. Pena Nieto have? How many lovers?

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