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Las Ladies, episode 7

Mix alcohol and high emotions, and what do you get? If you're at the Estadio Azteca watching a World Cup qualifying match, you can get a pretty nasty spat. Like some others I've mentioned on this blog, this was a spat with racial overtones, a huge sense of entitlement and ridiculously bad behavior.

The above video was taken by an ESPN collaborator, Rene Tovar, in one of the boxes at the stadium last Friday night when the Mexican national soccer team was playing the Honduras squad.

Two women in the front row grew irritated and began insulting the people behind them, calling them "nacos." Click here for a better description of "naco," but take it from me that it's not a compliment. Soon, one woman tosses her beer cup at those behind her. Then it gets worse. One of the two "ladies" pulls a bag of pepper spray from her purse, turns around and begins spraying everyone behind her. Dating from this scandal, "ladies" is Mexican shorthand for referring to arrogant upper-class women with a strong sense of entitlement and little regard for laws. "Gentlemen" conveys the same meaning.

People started to scatter. "I told you not to mess with me!" the woman said, according to this Spanish-language blog posting by Tovar.

She waits a second. "You didn't understand? Let's try it again. Take this!" she said, according to the blog post as she squirted the pepper spray can again.

The video is going viral here in Mexico. One of the women reportedly is a law professor at a private university in Santa Fe, an expensive suburb in the capital. Let's see if there are any consequences for the "ladies." 


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I dout there will be any consequences because they are all in the same box, normally privately owned so they were all invited by the same person, but I hope they can be punished.

Lampis Konstas

See also here http://efoploo.wordpress.com/


Wow .. yes a follow up Tim. Reading your soccer blog helped me to converse with a restaurant worker ... Mexico's shameful loss ... we did agree that according to the ancient Maya tradition, they should all be sacrificed ! :)

pink schnoid

I could only tolerate a minute of that, que pena absoluta, las viejas en verde son las nacas, no manches...

how about an article on "las buchonas"?....that'd be a good one, Tim...

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