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Zombies, clowns and the narco actress

What’s going on with the weird candidates in Mexico? We had the satirical ones, like Morris the Cat in Xalapa who promised to “rest and romp” and Ernesto Eslava in Tijuana, who pledged to “turn off the lights” in Baja California.

But there were others, many others.

How about the clowns? Two minor candidates ran as clowns. One was Gregorio Perez in Ciudad Juarez, who is better known as Botoncito, or Little Button. One of his slogans was “Not just any clown.” The other is Esteban Sanchez in Culiacan, who is better known as Cometin. Neither won.

Then there is Claudia Casas. Just don’t go around calling her “narco actress.” At least, not to her face. She doesn’t like that description, though undoubtedly she is quite good at firing of AK-47s and strutting around like a proper drug boss on the big screen. She’s made 42 movies, and most of them fall in the particular Mexican genre of “narco cinema” because they deal with violence, the underworld and narcotics.

Casas, 29, just got a seat in the Baja California state legislature. Now, she wants to be known for more than gun-slinging roles in the movies.

“What I made were action movies, nothing more than that. I would like that (people) took into account other things, like that I'm a wife, a mother of a three-year-old and a graduate in communications,” Casas told the giveaway Publimetro newspaper in an interview this morning.

In another interview, Casas brought up Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying the Austrian born actor "carried arms and killed something like 40,000 people. But it's the movies. I'm not promoting crime."

There's a Spanish-language trailer of one of Casas' movies, La Traicion de un Hijo (Betrayal of a Son), below.

In a big front-page banner headline, Publimetro this morning decried the “freaky” candidates in the recent July 7 elections.

The freakiest just might be Lenin Carballido, who was elected mayor of San Agustín Amatengo in Oaxaca state this month. Turns out Carballido may have earned his nickname the “Zombie Mayor.” He's supposed to be a dead man.

To slip out of a pending gang rape charge dating from March 2004, Carballido apparently faked his own death and got confederates to obtain a death certificate. With the charge dropped, Carballido ran for mayor – and won. But prosecutors now say they will reopen the rape charges and add a new one: falsifying documents.


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pink schnoid

come on now, Fortune....you can't tell me that Michelle Bachman is a clown!!...sure, she looks like it, but she knows her history and besides, she is a psychopath, no a mere clown...like Botoncito, she not just any clown...


Clowns? Consider the last U.S. election and the Republican candidates for President. Those cretins were genuine clowns norteamericano style.

pink schnoid

understandable cynicism regarding legendarily corrupt Mexican politicians made manifest in the candidacies of these people....la señora is right to reference Schwartzenegger because that was the maximum extension of such a perverted fantasy...so embarassing to have Schwartz as governor of my state, the entire deal was semi illegal

that movie looks pretty bad... I enjoy wooden over acting, especially by supposedly macho guys

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