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Mexico's latest ad campaign

Check out the latest promo video for Mexico City, put out by the Mexico Tourism Board. This item from the Board says the campaign will target the United States and Canada, and will be based on tourist accounts of their travels. A colleague of mine notes on Facebook that she finds it curious the use of women in these ads. Is it that women promote an image of security? Make the travel decisions? Find Mexico's charms more interesting?

I don't know. But it looks like Mexico is also trying to gear up for a greater flow of Chinese tourists. At about the time that President Xi Jinping visited Mexico in early June, Tourism Minister Claudia Ruiz opened her doors to Chinese journalists. Below is the piece that appeared on CCTV Channel 9 in English, which reaches the English-speaking population in China and around the world. The piece most certainly would have appeared on one of the many Mandarin channels operated by CCTV as well as the Spanish language one.


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pink schnoid

I rarely see women traveling around solitas in Mexico and never see travel ads that do not also feature men...I suppose they are out there...maybe young adventurous hippie types, but I think you guys are right as understandibly the women are afraid a bit of the violence and machista attitude...I don't know, I am generally outside the mainstream, so I am not really sure about anything anymore...

if they are aiming at this "market" of temerarious women, or even women semi reluctant, it still seems odd to me

buen dia

Mary Ellen

I don't find anything unusual about females being in this ad...or any other ad in Mexico. That is more commonplace and you see this everywhere if you travel around much in Mexico. Perhaps they're gearing to attract more single females (esp. babyboomers) since there seem to be more male expat travelers. I live in Baja and rarely find any single females esp. age 50+ as most are too afraid to travel to Mexico.

Carol Wheeler

Do you think maybe there are a lot of female tourists who travel on their own and might, what with the usual news, be afraid to come to Mexico? It doesn't seem a mystery to me. I think it's kinda good.

pink schnoid

that DF ad is mystifying...sort of weak, I think, I mean, all women and ending with the words "I don't know"...perhaps they are aiming at the grown-up and still inarticulate valley girl market...


I'll let my Maya guide friends know they should be boning up on Chinese rather than Russian.

Jim Hatch

Ifthe target is US and Canada, why the British accent?

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