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Altitude+smog=tough marathon

020713 MANCERA-MARATÓN 08Mayor Miguel Mancera wants the annual marathon in Mexico City to regain some lost luster. The marathon, scheduled this year for Aug. 25, is not ranked among the world’s most important races.

At an event Tuesday, Mancera bemoaned the lack of prestige for the local foot race.

“I must say, we're not even among the top 100 marathons in the world. We can’t let this go on because it is a very important marathon, a marathon that serves as training for other marathons. The altitude and the route of the race make it worthy of much attention,” Mancera said.

Mancera said nearly 10,000 runners have signed up for the race but that he is hoping for 20,000 by race time.

Mexico City is no doubt a challenging venue for a race. First off is the elevation: 7,900 feet above sea level, high enough to make runners gasp for breath. The altitude “can add up to 10 minutes to a runner’s overall time,” according to this website. Second is the smog. On most days, a haze covers the city.

Click here for the Runner's World list of the world’s top 10 marathons.


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Pink Schnoid

who was that PRI candidate that ran the Berlin Marathon about 12 yeas ago?...Madero?...anyway, the guy cheated, cut off miles, kicked back and hid and then burst out in a 500 dollar sweat suit to claim victory in the 60 and over division...but wait, he was in Germany and of course they had tracked him...dude was the pre candidate for the PRI, a total douche

anyway, marathon in DF?!...no thanks

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