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The secret dossier on Carlos Fuentes

You may have seen a news report about a 170-page FBI dossier on acclaimed Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes, who died in 2012.

The dossier, put together over two decades, is here. The FBI started monitoring Fuentes because the writer wanted to travel to the United States and U.S. officials considered him a member of the Mexican communist party, a charge his widow denies.

U.S. authorities turned Fuentes down for a visa twice in the 1960s, describing him as “a leading Mexican communist writer” and a "well-known Mexican novelist with long history of subversive connections.”

In this article, Fuentes’ widow, Silvia Lemus, said Fuentes was a staunch leftist but never a member of the Communist Party.

For a memorable appreciation of Fuentes, one of my fellow journalists (and friend), Marjorie Miller, drew upon a meeting with him over a meal, and unbeknownst to him, gathered information for an eventual obituary


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FBI dossiers are old hat ... upgrade to the newest and more invasive NSA! (cynical)

pink schnoid

FBI barking up the wrong tree again...

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