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The 'pot crusade' of Vicente Fox

For anybody who watches the news, it is little surprise that former Mexican President Vicente Fox makes new statements about the legalization of marijuana.

Fox was in Seattle last week as an entrepreneur announced what he claimed would be the first national brand of retail marijuana, starting in Washington and Colorado, two U.S. states that legalized marijuana usage last autumn. Fox later went on CNN with the entrepreneur, Jamen Shively, and give another interview, seen above.

Today, Fox went further. Speaking at his ranch in Guanajuato state, Fox again said the criminalization of marijuana only serves to put cash in the hands of drug gangs. He said he could foresee a day in which production, distribution and sale are regulated and marijuana is sold in the everpresent Oxxo convenience stores in Mexico.

Asked if he'd get into the business, Fox responded: "Once it is legitimate and legal, sure. I'm a farmer, I could do it once it is legitimate and legal, and approved as an industry. All kinds of producers could take part." Here's a link in Spanish.

There you have it. Fox's San Cristobal ranch may one day go to weed.

Fox, who was president from 2000 to 2006, said he was sponsoring a symposium on marijuana legalization July 19-21 in Mexico.


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pink schnoid

well, Vincente, you are 40 years late with this pronouncement...someday, sure, herb will be legal in Mexico, but we will all be long gone


I've lived in Mexico long enough to know there is a backstory still to be told ... abajo de agua

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