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The fake candidacy of Ernesto Eslava

Gubernatorial elections in Baja California, home to Tijuana, are coming July 7, and a candidate who is not on the ballot is making a splash. The candidate is Ernesto Eslava, a journalist, who has mounted a fake and quite satiric campaign poking fun at the way traditional candidates try to win votes.

In the fake ad above, Eslava imitates the music, the camera angles, the sunlit face, the bystanders who give the thumbs up, and the backdrops that candidates normally use to make themselves seem authentic and "of the people." Like real candidates, he claims to have walked through the entire state. In reality, he looks like a guy who's enjoyed a few too many lunch breaks and could use some good walks to shed pounds, showing the gap between image and reality.

The ad is in Spanish and some of the soundbites have double meanings that don't translate easily. At one point, he says:

"Every time I am asked if I am from Baja California, I say no, Baja California is mine. I'm its best option because I'm from the border. I am like the peso and the dollar, a person of change."

Past governors of the state have sometimes ruled as if the state were "theirs" and more in function of collecting change in their pockets -- be they pesos or dollars -- than in good governance.


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pink schnoid

"because the impossible will continue to be impossible"...que risa


lol jajaja Understood the burlando ... now if his nickname is "El Gato 2" it would be funnier.

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