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Ferrari's next frontier -- Mexico

Some 15 Mexicans have $1.3 million in hand ready to plop it down for Ferrari’s latest hybrid supercar, the 963-horsepower La Ferrari.

That’s what the Italian performance car company’s North American chief said a few days ago at a forum aboard a yacht in New York City, Forbes magazine says here.

This is no ordinary Italian racing machine. Its top speed is 217 miles per hour. It goes zero to 60 mph in three seconds. At that pace, you could get to the Mexico City airport from my house in six minutes – that is, if you could hopscotch traffic.

So who has that kind of cash in Mexico? Oh, never mind. If I said, I’d probably be dead. They don’t like to have their names splashed around the internet.

“Mexico is the next China,” Ferrari North America CEO Marco Mattiacci said, according to Forbes. He cited dramatic wealth creation from expanding industry and proximity to the U.S.

He didn’t say it, but we all know about the other industry, the one that shall not be named in which bagmen cart duffel bags filled with cash and muscle men carry diamond-encrusted guns. Been a lot of wealth creation there, too.

Things have changed over the past decade, Mattiacci said.

“I can tell you that in 2003 when we launched Enzo … Mexico was not having that kind of request. That’s a big indicator,” Mattiacci said, according to Forbes.


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pink schnoid

whoa, "Mexico is the next China".....does the guy exaggerate much?...sorry, I will pass on the Ferrari....1000 HP is about 800 more than I need and the price is about 100 times more than I can spend..also, I am secure in my sexuality and my persona...

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