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The mysterious 'third hand'

01 - GCO_7030
The office of President Enrique Pena Nieto sent out the above photograph among the many photos that it moved during the visit of President Barack Obama on Thursday and Friday.

It looks like an ordinary news photo until you look closely at the handshake. A mysterious "third hand" is there. Where's the body belonging to the hand? I don't see anyone who could be hiding behind Obama. It's just a disembodied hand. It's either the coolest magic trick imaginable. Or someone is up to some shenanigans with Photoshop.

I wasn't present at the moment when Obama arrived at the National Palace and greeted Pena Nieto. Obama doesn't speak Spanish really, and Pena Nieto doesn't appear very comfortable in English. So perhaps there was a translator present who got airbrushed out.

Then again, maybe it's just a floating hand -- perhaps the long lost hand of Benito Juarez or Lazaro Cardenas -- or perhaps some other lost soul wanting to "lend a hand" to U.S.-Mexican relations.



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pink schnoid

judging by the hand size and calluses, I think that is El Chapo's hand....the silent partner



If you blow it up, you see a bit of a short guy/girl's hair behind Obama's neck and part of their face right under Obama's neck. Also, the edge his/her suit arm along the upper edge of Obama's arm (essentially the same color). Weird coincidence but a great picture!

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