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The hostility facing Carlos Slim

The world's richest man, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, is not finding an easy go of it when he makes public appearances in the United States. Last week, at an event at the New York Public Library along with Salman Khan, the head of Khan Academy, a number of activists in the audience interrupted the event with loud laughing. This Forbes posting cites one activist saying it was a protest against Slim's "monopolistic and predatory practices."

Slim faced protests a year ago when George Washington University gave him an honorary degree.

The Forbes story said Slim's son-in-law, Arturo Elias, believes some of the protesters were paid $35 and a Metro ticket to get to last year's events.

Slim's America Movil offers cellular services in 17 countries. A recent monopoly-busting telecom reform in Mexico, Slim's home base, will make it harder for him to hang on to some 70 percent of the cellular market there and 80 percent of the land lines.


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Regarding Pena Nieto ... I remain suspicious. I would be naive given that Salinas is his padrino to think there isn't another agenda lurking ... consolidation of power into the hands of the PRI, payback against those who supported PAN? that kind of thing. As Mr. Johnson pointed out in another blog, if Nieto really wanted to weed out corruption, he could include his own party as well .. but so far he hasn't.


Carlos Slim's greed and arrogance makes me queasy ... while the rest of Mexico's "kafkaesque" special kind of zaniest moments have helped me develop both humor and patience. Slim strikes me as the kind of guy who could buy a fabergé egg and use it for his cigar ash.


The only "number 1" that Mexicans aren't proud of. Cudo's to Pena Nieto for busting that silliness.

What's next for Pena Nieto??? Hopefully an internal audit function in the Mexican government that isn't completely incompetant.

pink schnoid

Slim parked his big yacht (like a 200 footer) off the coast where I live...had it out there floating for 2 weeks, never once came ashore, it was a real ivory tower sort of thing, he really has zero contact with the pueblo...

and yes, Telmex is soooooooooooo bad...

hana, maybe I will change my screen name to Josef K....lots of Kafkaesque vibes in Mexico


He would be out of business in the US.


The man has no shame. LA Times ran an article about him and TelMex. One of the most expensive telecommunication systems in the world for users and one of the crappiest. Trying to get warranted refunds, installations or sometimes a straight customer service answer reminds one of Kafka's Castle. He should be laughed off any podium.

pink schnoid

monopolist....I am not opposed to being rich, but lack of ethics combined with unhealthy avarice and a paucity of altruism=super creep

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