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America's 'wicked war'

Where is the wooden leg of famed Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna? Watch this interesting video from CBS's Sunday Morning program to learn more about what a Penn State historian describes as the "wicked" Mexican-American war, America's first war based on greed rather than ideological principal.You'll discover in this video why Mexicans revere the "Niños Heroes" who defended the Chapultepec Castle. And you'll also learn about Santa Anna's leg. If you want to find out why it is somewhere in Illinois, click here.


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pink schnoid

I love how they exhumed Santa Ana’s leg after one of his many reins, kicked it around

Polk was a dick, but still, Mexico had done literally nothing to protect or populate their land up north….supposedly Calif had barely 300 rag tag soldiers covering the entire state…if the Yanks had not taken over (claiming hegemony, a concept that is at least a bit more understandable than Manifest Destiny) that Mexican land, either the Russians, French, English or even the entitled Mexican “haciendados” would have usurped the land…Mexico was 90% ungovernable back then, look at that clown Santa Ana….I am not justifying the war, but just balancing it out a bit historically..

Chapultepec, well, that is hard to believe that it went down like that….

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