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The tribal music of 3ball mty

Barely two years ago, the three young DJs of the group known as 3ball mty could barely get a gig in their home city of Monterrey. Gangland violence made it too dangerous to take their high-energy music around town. 

Today, the music the trio creates, called tribal music, is winning them fame far outside Mexico. They won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist last fall, and tours have taken them to LA's Staples Center, the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Central Park in NYC and the Worldtronics festival in Berlin.

For the group's name, it took "3ball" which sounds like tribal in Spanish and "mty" which is the airport code for their home city. Tribal music is a mix of cumbia, Mexican pop, techno with a dose of norteno thrown in.

Even if you don't take to the music, the group's videos are fun because they often feature Mexican dancers wearing pointy boots, the footwear that originated in the northern town of El Huizache. Click here to see photos of the amazing Aladdin-like boots with pointy toes curling up nearly a yard. 

While not exactly a "boy band," the three members of 3ball mty are all either 19 or 20. Two of them met some six years ago outside an Oxxo convenience store, and became fast friends over their shared passion for Latin house music. The third member joined later. The song in the video above is probably their best known hit, Intentalo. 


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pink schnoid

"they met outside of an Oxxo store"....

pink schnoid

please, Tim, could you promote my band for me?...we play ethnic, tribal rock music from the USA...we are exotic in that we actually play our own instruments and are not worried about how we look


Thank you. I enjoy your eclectic posts not to mention that now I know the source for the street music that wakes me up almost every morning ! lol

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