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Gouging at the pump

My taxi driver let out a hoot when he saw the hubbub at a local gas station. Inspectors had arrived and placed seals on the pumps. Some of the pumps were being shut down.

His glee was over the punishment. At this time of year, some businesses commonly try to gouge consumers, including gas stations, which tinker with the fuel gauges.

You pay for 10 gallons of gas. But you actually get 8 or 9 gallons in your tank.

You might think it curious that a station with a Pemex sign indicating its relationship to Petroleos Mexicanos, the state oil concern, would rip off consumers. Fact is, many of the Pemex stations in the country belong to third parties, often people with political connections. When they skim off the top, they usually get away with it.

Since many Mexicans travel over Holy Week, they top off their tanks before leaving the capital. It is a perfect time for station owners to fiddle.

According to this Notimex story (in Spanish), the consumer watchdog division of the Attorney General’s Office conducted 1,041 raids during Holy Week, fining 86 establishments.

My local gas station appears to be one of them.


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pink schnoid

échenme un poco agua con mi gasolina, porfa...

hana is right, this is just the teeny weeny tip of the brutish Pemex iceberg clusterfek....from top to bottom, something is not quite right with Pemex...price gauging and diluting gas are but small, almost expected things


Only the tip of this iceberg. Someone please explain to me when Pemex added Premio gas to its Magna line why new tanks weren't necessary for installation? And the last time I drove my car back to the US and had the filter changed in Texas, I had enough rock (gas they said) to start a little garden (OK OK I exaggerate).

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