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Facing death to get the story

This is a CNN interview of Lydia Cacho, one of Mexico's most renowned investigative journalists. Cacho won her fame for reporting on the intersection between sex trafficking, pedophilia rings and powerful elected politicians. Her foes have tried repeatedly to have Cacho arrested -- or worse -- for her reports exposing their ties to sex trafficking. Read here to learn more about her early reporting on the under side of Cancun.


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Contrast the star treatment reporter Lynn Cacho gets from CNN with what happened to Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Gary Webb, who wrote in 1996 about alleged CIA involvement in smuggling in massive amounts of crack cocaine into Los Angeles in the 1980s, the drug money obtained used to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. Webb's newspaper fired him, Webb complained about death threats he received and when he was found dead in 2004 with two bullet wounds to the head, the coroner said Webb's death was suicide.

Bad as Mexico is, no one there covers up murders of reporters by claiming the deaths are suicides (as far as we know).



Bravo Mr. Johnson for bringing her and topic to our attention. BRAVO!

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