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Crazy brawl on the diamond

In case you missed the dugout-clearing crazy brawl in the Mexico-Canada game over the weekend, here is how the World Baseball Classic matchout came to resemble a World Boxing Classic bout. The brawl broke out in the ninth inning with Canada holding a commanding 9-3 lead. As a result of the loss Saturday in Phoenix, Mexico is out of the tournament, held every four years. Mexican pitcher Arnold Leon's beaning of Canadian batter Rene Tosoni appeared to be on purpose. Leon brushed him back in pitch one and two, then hit him full on on the third pitch. The Mexican side apparently was miffed that Canadians were running up the score on them to knock them out of the tournament.


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I tutor a 13 year old prodigy pitcher for the Yucatan league. He said he hadn't seen the video and when I asked if he would like to see it, he said yes. This was a mistake. He became angry that these players disrespected his beloved game.

pink schnoid

that was quite the rumble, big round houses thrown, but mostly guys holding each other back...the Mexican manager either did not know about that ABSURD rule that makes it necessary to pile on runs or the pitcher threw the pitch on his own volition...

I would like to see this avarice disguised as patriotism (WBC) eliminated....

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