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Spot the UFOs over Popocatepetl

If you are able to, you have a sharper eye than I. Periodically, Mexico City residents claim to spot strange objects hovering over the volcano near the capital.

This video footage is from a camera set up by the Televisa network at the Altzomoni station on the flanks of Iztaccíhuatl, the other big volcano visible (on rare clear days) from Mexico City.

While the site carrying the video doesn’t offer many details, it says: “The video shows a light moving from the extreme left toward the center of the volcano.” 

Looks like a star to me. In any case, at the two minute mark a fly lands on the camera lens. That was about all the excitement I could handle.

Back in October, those prone to seeing UFOs reported seeing a luminous one a kilometer long plunge straight into the crater. Here’s the link. And another link



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pink schnoid

flying saucers are real, space people are friendly


Oh my Maya students have brought me photos of objects flying over pyramids as well ...

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