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Acapulco's mayor and his big blunder

No one’s had a worse week than the six Spanish tourists who were gang-raped by masked men in their bungalow in Acapulco’s Playa Bonfil early Monday morning. The rapists chugged mescal after assaulting the women.

The case made worldwide headlines on Tuesday _ partly because Acapulco Mayor Luis Walton dismissed the rape initially, saying such attacks happen “anywhere in the world.” In political terms, Walton’s also had a rotten week, deservedly so.

Within a day, Walton held a press conference in which he apologized and begged for federal help in finding the rapists. By several accounts, he wept before journalists. I guess aides advised him that tourism to a city that some call “Narcopulco” would fall even faster off a cliff with news of marauding rapists preying on foreign women.

Female lawmakers from the ruling PRI immediately called Walton a misogynist and demanded further signs of atonement: "There is no room for interpretation, either good nor bad, of this claim that it 'happens anywhere in the world.' This was the cynical and misogynistic statement of someone who holds public office and shames all those from Guerrero state."

Sadly, authorities report no advances in trying to find the culprits.

The headline in Spain’s ABC newspaper today says: “The rape of the Spaniards in Acapulco will remain in impunity.” An accompanying story notes that Acapulco is now considered the second most dangerous city in the world after San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

If nothing else, Walton should get busy trying to change that dubious distinction.


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pink schnoid

"Narcopulco", good one!!.....really a faux paux by Mr Mayor

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