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A grotesque assassination in Honduras

Only watch the above video if you have a strong stomach. It shows a cold-blooded gangland style assassination of two youths on Nov. 21, 2012, in the Comayagüela neighborhood of the capital, Tegucigalpa. The images are from a security camera.

The video appeared on the website of the El Heraldo newspaper in Honduras last week. According to this blog, "El Heraldo claimed that the authorities failed to open an investigation into the shoot-out and that the prosecutor's office had not filed the video as evidence."

Since then, the public security minister, Pompeyo Bonilla, who has failed to rein in a runaway murder rate that has made Honduras the world's most homicidal country, or oversee the capture of a single suspect in the slayings, had the audacity to lash out at the newspaper, claiming the video marked "total disrespect for the bereaved" and also defamed the image of Honduras.

My opinion: These videos, as awful as they are, need to be in the public sphere. Maybe someone will recognize one of the killers and help bring them to justice. Only if the killers are handed to Bonilla on a platter will he have courage to take action rather than taking aim at the journalists. If he takes effective action, the image of Honduras will improve.  


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It is for us to remember that our state department supported the coup that removed the previously democratically elected president in favor of this military rule. It so happens this new government looks favorably upon US corporations business in Honduras.

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