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The Oscars and Gael Garcia Bernal

None of Mexico's films from 2012 made it on to the final list for best foreign films for the Oscars. But Mexico didn't seem to feel slighted. That's because Chile's entry, "No," did make it on to the list and it features one of Mexico's biggest movie stars, Gael Garcia Bernal. This is the official trailer. Warning: I could not find one with English subtitles so it is all in Spanish. The Hollywood Reporter gave a write-up to No back in May during the Cannes film festival, describing it as a "chronicle of the 1988 plebiscite that led to the first democratically elected government in 17 years." Garcia Bernal plays "a maverick advertising ace who spearheaded the winning campaign," it says, calling him a modern day Latin Don Draper (from Madmen). Audience reaction, the Reporter said, "was ecstatic." Garcia Bernal is probably best known to English speaking audiences for The Motorcycle Diaries (2004), Babel (2006) and Casa de mi Padre, the 2011 flick starring Will Ferrell. Mexico's submission for best foreign film this year was After Lucia, which I haven't seen but am told is a passionate look at schoolyard bullying


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pink schnoid

I have never really understood that penchant Mexico has to point out the race of each person, be they athletes or artists or just plain people....in sports, for instance, it is not say, Sergio Romo, pitcher....it is always Sergio Romo, el lanzador Mexicano...

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