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The Mother of all Christmas parties

When it comes to riotous Christmas parties, the Honduran Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, chalked one up for the annals.

On Dec. 20, according to press reports, while diplomats at the embassy cavorted with prostitutes, others ransacked the mission, stole a laptop computer and even pooped on the floor of the ambassador’s office.

The Honduran ambassador until last Saturday, Carlos Humberto Rodriguez, says he was in Miami on vacation at the time of the party and left a personal assistant in charge of the mission, who decided to have the party of a lifetime.

Rodriguez handed in his resignation on Saturday. Yesterday, he told the HRN radio network: “I feel very ashamed of what occurred. I wish this had never happened, but it happened and now I find myself in this situation.” (Transcript in Spanish).

The Honduran El Heraldo newspaper said the Christmas party turned into an orgy, and that attendees left the embassy in shambles.

Rodriguez said his secretary called him the next day and related what had happened. He tried to cover up the incident.

“I wanted to keep it at a low level that did not leak out. The country doesn’t deserve another scandal,” Rodriguez told HRN last night.

But someone called police Dec. 21 in the morning and reported a theft from the embassy. When police arrived, they found Rodriguez’s assistant, Jorge Mendoza, asleep in the embassy.

Even though he wasn’t an employee of the embassy, Mendoza apparently had keys to the mission and the run of the place. Honduras says it’s sending investigators to interrogate the six formal employees of the mission about what happened. Colombian police, meanwhile, are trying to track down the two prostitutes.


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Mendoza is now seeking asylum from his justifiably angry boss.

pink schnoid

too bad I missed it!....

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