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Swapping guns for cash

This is a short news spot by Al Jazeera English about a gun buyback program at the end of the year in Iztapalapa, a district in the capital where crime is high. I believe the gun buyback program has come to an end. In a nation awash with guns, it is probably only symbolic. But I think it sends a good sign to the citizenry that authorities are doing what they can.

I'm back in Mexico City after being out of the country, and am surprised by the level of smog in the city. The TV news says it's partly because of the wild abandon in which people set off fireworks for New Year's. Could it be?


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Angela McCracken

Hi Tim I just found this blog, very nice! I was here for New Years, and it was beautiful, no smog, on the 30th, 31st. I had never seen the mountains so clearly. So maybe it was the fireworks.

Happy New Year!

pink schnoid

happy new year, Tim, and everyone

well, al grano, the gun exchange will never work....it is just not in the human nature of modern man to be without their guns, all the movies and jive media coverage and lack of governmental protection...plus now they are actively considering arming people in the high sierra where tons of people are getting displaced by the narco wars...

John Troidl

Well, how long did it take to have the first homicide of the year in the beautiful California city of San Francisco? Less than 24 hours. Here is the link: http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/S-F-man-30-found-slain-in-Bayview-4162086.php

Let's hope the gun buy-back in Mexico works.....

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