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Mexico's take on US immigration debate

A few moments ago, Mexico's Secretariat of Foreign Relations issued a statement about the intensifying debate in the United States about immigration reform.

This came within hours of President Barack Obama's speech in Las Vegas laying out his vision of immigration reform and a day after a bipartisan group of senators laid out their vision.

Let me know what you think of Mexico's posture on this. Here's the statement:

Mexico's government welcomes the principles that have been raised by U.S. President Barack Obama and a bipartisan group of U.S. senators as a basis for a comprehensive reform of the immigration system in the United States. Also we watch with interest the valuable input in recent weeks offered by numerous civil society organizations and economic groups. 

The Government of Mexico recognizes the commitment shown by a growing number of actors in the United States to ensure that legal frameworks in North America reflect the demographics of the region, the complementarities between our economies, the need for a prosperous, competitive, secure and efficient border region, and family ties and shared values ​​between the two societies. The priority of protecting the rights of every individual, regardless of his or her immigration status, has been properly included in the center of this debate. 

Immigration policy is an internal matter of federal jurisdiction in the United States. However, it concerns millions of individuals living in this and other countries. Therefore, the Government of Mexico respectfully continues to promote informed discussion of the many dimensions of this issue to protect the rights of its citizens abroad.


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