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Fallout from 'killer' dog packs

Mexico Wild Dog Killi_Nost
Should feral dogs that kill humans be caught and put to sleep? That question untaps a lot of fury in Mexico City.

Authorities said yesterday that wild dogs roaming the Cerro de la Estrella National Park, which lies entirely in the capital, were responsible for mauling and killing at least four people in recent weeks. 

Wildlife units captured 25 wild dogs at the park today. That's an AP photo above of police hunting the dogs in the park. The fate of the dogs is up in the air, and Mayor Miguel Mancera seemed to be backing down from reports that some would be put to sleep.

“We’re not making any decisions. The dogs are in a shelter and we have to check on the health,” Mancera said at a midday press conference.

I can barely keep track of all the tweets on this subject that are flying across my screen. Most of them are outraged that the dogs may die. Many carry the hashtag #nosonperrosasesinos (or #theyarenotkillerdogs).

I confess. I do not sympathize. Wild dogs in Europe, Asia and Latin America have chased me. Rabies is so rampant in India that I got a rabies vaccine after one trip where I was nearly bitten by a dog in an alley in Dharamsala. Also, where's the sympathy for the four people mauled and bitten to death?

That’s my say. Here are some tweets with a different opinion – and occasional mordant humor.

/”I support the dogs. They are more human than those who want to kill them” 

/”The police effectively detain 25 for a homicide … but they are 25 dogs!”

/”Next they’ll want to arrest pigeons for pooping on your car.”

/”An attack by a dog pack? What comes next, killer ants? And what about the attacks by kidnappers, rapists and killers?”

Dog supporters are trying to convoke a mass rally in Mexico City’s main square for Saturday at 11 a.m. This issue has hit a nerve. Mexico City residents love their dogs -- some three million of them. That's not counting the 120,000 or so stray, street and feral dogs in the metropolitan area (link in Spanish).


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Byard Pidgeon

Idiotic sentimentality about feral, killer dogs...this clearly shows Mexico has joined the first world.

howell clark

wild feral dog packs outside of houston texas killed livestock and two little sisters in prairie view tx. these dogs once had human owners who dumped them in the counties outside of houston when the economy soured. sheriffs posse shot hundreds of dogs that were running free without collars. why is their even a question on the fate of these and the rest of those wild dogs inside the mexico city metro area. i hated having to shoot those dogs but the parents of those two children hated losing their daughters to lousy human beings that took the chicken way out on their responsibility to not only their pet but society also.


People against protecting other people from potentially rabied dogs is neurotic.

John Troidl

This issue is absolutely simple.... put those dogs down. Each and every one. And their their close dog pack friends, too.

Who the heck values the life of a dog over that of a human? That is totally stupid.

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