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Ditching the trousers in Mexico City

Mexico No Pants Day_Nost-1
Hundreds of people took part Sunday in a "flash mob" event on Mexico City's subway, stripping down to their undies once aboard the trains and pretending all was normal -- a prank intended to amuse.

The event -- labeled the "No Pants Subway Ride" -- is held once a year in some 60 cities around the world, according to the organizers, a prank collective that calls itself Improv Everywhere and notes: "We cause scenes."

An Agence France Presse story about the event said the fun days in undies began in 2002 with just seven people and has spread to events in places like London, Stockholm, Bangkok, Jerusalem, Sofia, New York and Washington.

Improv Everywhere's founder, Charlie Todd, called the event a "celebration of silliness."


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John J. Troidl

AQF! (Ay, que funny!). This is great! Glad you are reporting on the lighter side of life from time to time!



I was wondering last night why you don't write about more pressing issues such as these newly elected pueblo presidents syphoning monies to build their houses while the people are hungry and the streets are dirty.

pink schnoid

Freud's primal hoard theory in full exposure, the group mentality of people is really sad, and even moreso given all the social media jive that encourages it

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