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Reason No. 55 for 'going to Mexico'

“Going to Mexico” has a lot of connotations for Americans or Canadians. It can mean visiting paradise, taking a self-indulgent break, soaking up culture or going on the lam.

At heart, it is getting away from it all.

This came to mind with the surprising statement by Rajon Rondo, the star point guard of the Boston Celtics basketball team who was suspended for two games after getting in a brawl with Brooklyn Nets’ Kris Humphries on Nov. 28.

This marked the three-time all-star’s third suspension in the past nine months. But if the NBA expected Rondo to reflect on what gets him into trouble, they blew it.

“I went to Mexico,” Rondo tells reporters in this video. Asked by reporters if he’d learning anything during his time off, Rondo answered laconically: “No.”

Rondo didn’t say where in Mexico he went, only that he was “glued in front of the TV” watching the Celtics play. They split two games in his absence.

So there’s another reason to go to Mexico: Stick it to the NBA powers that be.


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Pink Schnoid

I love watching Rondo play, he is very good, instinctual and fast...


25,000 are expected at Uxmal alone for the month of Dec. btw: I love it here!!!

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