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Better news out of Ciudad Juarez

For the first time in five years, the once-murderous city of Ciudad Juarez passed a weekend without a single homicide.

Death rates have been steadily but slowly falling in Juarez, the metropolis across from El Paso, Texas, that was once _ by far _ the deadliest place in Mexico. Rival drug gangs are no longer at each other's throats as intensely.

The lack of weekend deaths merited a story in El Diario, the local newspaper. Juarez is still wracked by a lot of violence. From Jan. 1 to Nov. 25, the paper notes, there were 724 homicides in the city. But the monthly totals have fallen since January, which tallied 118 deaths.

My friend Bill Booth of the Washington Post visited Juarez in late summer and wrote this chronicle with the headline: In Mexico’s murder city, the war appears over. The story notes that at the peak of the violence in 2010, Juarez chalked up 3,115 murders.


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Death rates have been steadily but slowly falling in Juarez, some places are heavy and dangerous to move. For that we have to prepare for financial services. We should consern about the services and their uses.

John Troidl

Ooops! Another little homicide in the Bay Area. Don't ride your bike in Berkeley at night... they might shoot you!


John J. Troidl

Good to hear that Juarez is calming down. Meanwhile, today's San Francisco Chronicle reports that:

1. A San Francisco man abducted and raped an autistic girl: http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Man-charged-in-autistic-girl-s-kidnap-rape-4091810.php

2. There were multiple related shootings in public near Lake Merritt in Oakland last night:

3. A SF man was shot dead in Hayes Valley last night:

4. In far off Anchorage Alaska, an American raped, murdered, and dismembered a barista, presumably because the coffee was not up to par:

Please note that there are 94 homicides in Oakland, California so far this year after three homicides on Saturday:http://www.kgoam810.com/Article.asp?id=2311567&spid=

And finally, there were less than 150 Americans killed in ALL OF MEXICO last year.

Americans, where do YOU think you are safe?

Ta ta!

Randy Thompson

Hopeful story - maybe Tom can write a new song soon.

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