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Video of this morning's quake

When my office/apartment started to shake at 10:35 a.m. today, the movement wasn't initially so great. Luckily, I had enough wits about me to grab my cell phone and start taking a video. The rocking you see of the chairs above is all from the movement. So it was a pretty good shake. But nothing like the 7.4 magnitude quake in March that knocked flower vases onto the floor and shook glasses off shelves.

The news reports say the earthquake's epicenter was off the coast of Guatemala near the border with Mexico. They say it, too, was a magnitude 7.4 quake. It shook buildings in San Salvador and Guatemala City quite hard, but only caused swaying here in far-away Mexico City.

Like in March, I was struck by how fast Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard was pumping out tweets about the situation, noting that there was no damage and that the subway was running normally.  


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Funny. I felt something here in Chapala, but thought it was my imagination. Guess now I know it was real. You would have thought 20 years in California would have made me more sensitive to these kinds of rumblings.

I am impressed with your comment about the Mayor tweeting status reports on the subway. That is really cool. I wonder how many U.S. mayors use Twitter to communicate with their constituents?

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