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Legal marijuana's impact on Mexico

LaRazonThe newspapers in Mexico jumped on the news that U.S. voters in Colorado and Washington state approved measures to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

As you can see from this front-page headline, Mexicans see this as an issue that affects them directly. The headline reads: “Legal marijuana in 2 U.S. states requires change in antinarcotics plan.” Why a change? Well, many here ask why their own law enforcement officers should risk their lives eradicating marijuana fields and fighting crime gangs if people North of the Border are going to smoke it legally.

These questions will only grow more intense. And many of us in the press corps are writing about it. Here’s the story I wrote yesterday. The Washington Post,Time and AP filed stories here, here and here.

Perhaps most interesting to me, though, are the global legal ramifications of this issue. Some 190 nations have signed a U.N. treaty on narcotics that bans marijuana as an illegal substance.

A country _ or a state, for that matter _ can’t legalize marijuana without running afoul of its global commitments. This may not seem a big deal. But if a country flouts a U.N. treaty on drugs that it has signed, what sustains any of the other U.N. treaties and international conventions, say, on matters like war crimes?

To unravel this will require a lot of legal minds. Read here for a very interesting report prepared for the New York Bar Association on this issue.


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pink schnoid

"plan antinarcotico"=pura porqueria...legalize it, time to get real...actually, it has been time for 30 years

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