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Mexico's biggest killer? Diabetes

More than 100,000 Mexicans will die this year from diabetes, and it is partly caused by massive consumption of soft drinks. According to this compelling Reuters investigation, no other country in the world consumes more sugary sodas than Mexico. Mexicans on average drink 728 8-ounce sodas per year, far higher than the 403 8-ounce sugary drinks consumed in the United States.


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Diabetes is a leading killer in many parts of the world. I admit that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar but surely they can't be the only contributor.

Interestingly enough I have not seen any studies on the number of people who have developed diabetes due to medication. There are several older people who have lived free of this illness for years and suddenly develop it after being on a course of treatment for some other illness.

Dr. Stan De Loach

The idea of reducing dietary carbohydrates is ripe for application to prevention and treatment of obesity. But, how to convey the idea and characteristics of the food plan low in CHO is unknown and challenging.

I have been working with those persons (in the Distrito Federal) who have diabetes mellitus and therefore are prone to hyperglycemia, which, along with the presence of large quantities of insulin, produces obesity and overweight, as the article mentions.

John Troidl

This is a really important story. I am here in Oaxaca, Mexico with 31 pre-health (pre-med, pre-nursing, pre-public health) students from UC Davis and we are shocked by the realization of the dimensions of the obesity problem in Mexico. (No pun intended).

Mexico is passing or has already passed the US in the number of overweight adults as well as overweight children.

What's more shocking to me is to see how quickly this change has taken place.... when I first started visiting Mexico over 40 years ago there were few, really few over weight people. Now? Everywhere!

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