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Will Bono accept the Aztec Eagle?

Bono1President Felipe Calderon is in Washington and New York this week and on his agenda is the bestowing of the Order of the Aztec Eagle, Mexico’s highest award to foreigners, on several individuals.

It’s still not clear to me if U2 singer Bono will be one of them.

The backstory dates to an incident at a U2 concert in 1997, and touches on the sons of a former president and the sense of entitlement that Mexican VIPs wield.

Last Friday, Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa said she’d spoken with Bono and told him of the decision to give him the award.

"He said that he feels very honoured and very pleased with this decision, and that Mexico is a country that he loves and admires," Espinosa said according to this article.

But when Los Pinos emailed information about Calderon’s trip over the weekend, Bono’s name wasn’t on the list of those who will receive the award. Instead, it is going to Klaus Schwab (founder of the World Economic Forum), Susan Segal (president of the Council of the Americas), and Magdy Martinez-Soliman, the former U.N. resident coordinator in Mexico.

Just a mix-up? Maybe not. El Universal’s political gossip column says this morning that Bono declined to attend the ceremony, which I believe is to be Tuesday.

Seems that hard feelings still linger from what happened at a U2 concert at the Foro Sol in Mexico City. It was then that the sons of then-President Ernesto Zedillo scored complementary tickets to the concert, then tried to leave through a restricted area.

After a dust-up, one of the bodyguards of the Zedillo sons hit U2 security guy Jerry Meltzer in the head with a gun barrel. A car in their convoy then ran over security chief Jerry Mele, nearly killing him. Mele never worked again.

Bono demanded an apology from Zedillo, who invited him to Los Pinos for what was reportedly a tense meeting. Zedillo blamed U2’s security crew for putting his sons’ lives in danger. Bono demanded a public apology, which was not forthcoming.

U2 stayed away from Mexico until 2006, and returned last year. It seems, though, that he has little taste for rubbing elbows with Mexican authorities.


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Pink Schnoid

let me speak for many and say that although U2 has made some good music over the years and that Bono has done lots of positive things in life, we are tired of him and may he just go away...dude has opinions on everything, to such extent that he is surely an ego tripper deluxe...please go away now


Or he's busy or otherwise unavailable for the ceremony. But this is juicier and even @U2 picked it up, so let's go with that.

george constanza



Chris the Home Contractor

I am certain that he will. Bono has already been one to take the stage during any opportunity that he gets.

I guess that is part of the reason we all know of him.

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