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Raising Mexico's profile abroad

Brazil Mexico_NostI’ve been based in Mexico since early 2010, and in that period President Felipe Calderon has not offered a single press conference in Mexico City that I’m aware of.

He’s occasionally taken a question or two while traveling abroad. Very few, though. And in reality, Calderon seems press shy. This hurts Mexico.

I bring this up because President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto is now on the fifth day of a trip across Latin America. He’s leaving Chile as I write this and flying to Argentina. Like him or not, Pena Nieto is raising Mexico’s profile abroad, fulfilling a campaign promise. (He's seen here while in Brazil with his wife, the television soap opera star Angelica Rivera.)

Large media are giving him extensive coverage during stops in Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil. And he’s speaking with journalists along the way. While in Brazil, the magazine Epoca published a long interview with him, and this morning El Mercurio (the national newspaper of Chile) published an interview. A press release from his people said he also met with a group of Chilean editors this morning. 

In Buenos Aires tomorrow, Pena Nieto is offering a full-fledged press conference. Let’s see if this kind of exposure to journalists will continue after he takes office Dec. 1.


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Pink Schnoid

also, Mexico already has a large foreign profile, everyone knows Mexico...and supposedly PN is going to somehow change the perception of Mexico as a bastion of narco cartels and cronyism-riddled ineptness?...why his ilk pretty much started it all and wrote the book on political corruptness...a chicken little who ran from students and who crapped out so pathetically at that book fair and who was amigos with these sentenced generals and politicians and who actively bought the presidency is not going to change people's view of Mexico, no matter how many frozen smiles he offers, no matter how much Botox and silicon his wife uses..

Pink Schnoid

man, would I like to ask him some questions!!!....it is easy to fool the throngs of people...he is a tool


Good insight... let's see whether he follows through. It's the least you can expect from Televisa's golden boy!

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