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In Oaxaca, a haven for transvestites

One town in Oaxaca is a safe haven for gay and transvestite men. It is Juchitan, and Deborah Bonello of Global Post takes a look at the "muxes" -- as I believe the transvestites are called in the indigenous Zapotec language. Given the prevailing machismo in Mexico, this is a curiosity. This article here suggests that Zapotec mothers like having "muxe" children because, unlike daughters who wed and leave, gay sons remain at home and "promise eternal company." After saying the muxes "live with complete tolerance," it goes on:

In Juchitán people believe that boys are born facing up and girls are born facing down. Therefore, a family knows immediately when a muxe is born- a boy born facing down.


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Not only are muxes tolerated, they are celebrated by many here. And this may get me in trouble, but the whole machismo thing is just a front. I like to say that it is a pseudo-patriarchy with the women really running the show. At least that is how it seems in Oaxaca.
Attitudes are very different here, much healthier and sane IMO. I just posted something on breast feeding and how common and natural it is here. They even have a day celebrating it.

Pink Schnoid

gives new meaning to the term "sancho"


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