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A politician's daughter steps in it

It is more than likely that Sofia Covarrubias’s father has taken her to the woodshed.

She may be only 14 years old but she’s caused quite a stir. And it is because she is the daughter of one of Mexico’s state governors, Marcos Covarrubias of Baja California Sur.

Yesterday, Sofia took to Twitter – okay, that gives you an idea of what is to come. Mix a teenager, a political family and Twitter and you get dynamite. We’ve seen it before here and here. Hundreds of Twitter users are piling on with their criticism of Sofia Covarrubias.

Sofia made fun of young Mexicans who cross the border to San Diego and don’t have money to go to one of the fanciest shopping malls in southern California, Fashion Valley, ending up instead at the more downscale Plaza Las Americas.

Here are translations of her two tweets including of her #esdeindigenas hashtag:

“#itssoindian to get excited when you go to the usa and post thousand photos of each step you take without going to fv hahahah :)”


“haha there’s always some Indian who gets all excited about going to ‘plaza las americas’ haha”

Today, her father admitted that he’d had a good talking to with his two daughters, saying that the household had instilled in them “good education, with principles and values” and that family members try to be “humble and treat equally all those around us.”

But then he told the citizenry and Twitter users to lay off his daughters.

“I share these experiences with you because my daughters, who are 13 and 14, are confronting unprecedented public scorn because of an unfortunate commentary,” he said.

It’s not the first time the Covarrubias family has caught flak in social media. Two months ago, when members of the family posted Facebook photos of their vacation in London, where they flew first class, attended Olympic events and shopped at luxury stores, the trip quickly became a trending topic in social media. See here and here for photos.


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Pink Schnoid

la idiota!....I think there should be a legal age to use this Twitter thing, like maybe 40...

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