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Pena Nieto's weird interview with CNN

President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto gave a brief interview to CNN's Fareed Zakaria, and his stuttering performance has set tongues wagging in Mexico. Whether it was audio feedback problems or coaching by someone near him, Pena Nieto did not perform as well as he could. Mexicans who don't support Pena Nieto have set social media abuzz with claims that either Pena Nieto was reading his answers from a Teleprompter or being coached on what to say. Even if you don't understand Spanish, you can see how Pena Nieto pauses, blinks and does not appear comfortable. I'm inclined to believe he remains uncomfortable in front of international audiences, and that is the sum of it. CNN issued a statement about it. I couldn't find it in English but here's a partial Google translated version:

"There was no Teleprompter, and Mr. Pena Nieto heard the questions asked in English by Dr. Zakaria in New York through an intercom or IFB (Interrupted Feedback). We did not use any other audio source."

The responses of Mr. Pena Nieto were in Spanish and rendered into English for Dr. Zakaria and our international audience by a translator. Mr. Pena Nieto provided the answers without the help of anyone. Also, there were no preconditions for the interview, and the questions were not provided in advance to Mr. Pena Nieto." 


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What a tool!!!!! He can't even answer the questions even though he was being coached........ He’s an Idiot and if Mexico elected this clown, then it’s their own fault to be in the conditions Mexico is currently in and yes, he is beyond ignorant!!!!!


Mexican people are fed up with US puppets and Council on Foreign Relations stooge Zakaria is part of the problem.


Before we hammer this guy, keep in mind it is not uncommon to pause between thoughts while the interpreter works to translate your words. He might even be listening to the translation -- who the heck knows.

Lorena Cassady

I live in Oaxaca and a Mexican friend told me that Pena Nieto always gives interviews wearing his own earpiece that some people believe receives the words he is supposed to say. Pena Nieto refused to appear in the internet debates sponsored by the YoSoy 132 movement because they would not let him wear this earpiece.


I guess CNN reported is WRONG completely about Drugs price incidence.... With the accion of Mexican Goverment, The Drug (coca) in the USA market supply is Short in consideration with demand.... It is 200% more expensive now than 12 years ago.... Talking about Penia Nieto,, YES!!!! for the 65% of the Mexican Population He is an IGNORANT!!!!... and He will be comparable as SEDILLO as President... Seated to Do Nothing


Im no supporter of this guy, but it is clear that he pauses to let a translator interpret what he saying.

Serenity Escapes

clearly el buey was being fed lines to regurgitate, man, like having someone lob softballs to the plate and swinging and missing...more embarrassment for Mexico...this guy Peña might just be a weeper, that is, he will have a nervous breakdown under all the scrutiny and pressure

Serenity Escapes

Jaysus!!!....Polly want a cracker!!!!!!!....what a tool

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