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A sign of tensions to come with PRI

A few hours ago, the head of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, appeared at a voting station in Mexico City. He cut in line, leaving some ordinary voters who'd been waiting in line a long time rather incensed. As you can hear in this video, shouts ring out. Some voters shouted "Corrupto! Corrupto!" at Coldwell. Some of his aides shouted a vulgarity back.

We are within hours of knowing the election result. If the PRI recaptures power in Mexico, this video may be an omen of things to come. The PRI may govern the nation, but the lengthy history of its politicians' involvement in corruption cases may prevent them from wanting to appear in public. 

I'm not aware of corruption allegations against Coldwell. But he succeeded Humberto Moreira as head of the PRI, and Moreira is accused of assuming hundreds of millions of dollars in debt for the state of Coahuila while governor there for phantom public works projects. Moreira's brother, Ruben, is now governor of the state.

Coldwell, by the way, did not get visibly riled by the boos of the crowd.


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John J. Troidl

My Comadre was a poll worker at a town in Sinaloa and came back home at the end of a long day just pooped.

But she said it was calm and orderly and went without a hitch. As I am sure it did through much of Mexico.

Of course this is not so "exciting" to report.......

Serenity Escapes

perdónenme mi frances, pero que pendejo

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