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The most perilous city for reporters

It is the port of Veracruz, a steamy Gulf of Mexico city in a state of the same name. Six journalists from just one of the newspapers in Veracruz, Notiver, have been killed in the past year.

Earlier this week, the son of one of those slain journalists announced in Texas that he would seek asylum because he fears for his life in Mexico.

His name is Miguel Angel Lopez Solana, 32, and he, too, was a photographer for Notiver, where his father was an assistant editor and veteran crime and corruption columnist. The family home was devastated a year ago when gunmen broke in and executed three people. They killed the father, whose pen name was Milo Vela, his wife, and another son, who was also a photographer at the tabloid.

I'm bringing this up because Notiver published both a story and an editorial today that take some serious pokes at the asylum-seeking son. The article headline reads: "Miguelito says we turned our back on him!" And the editorial headline says: "This isn't Miguelito."

It notes that Miguel Angel, who goes by the nickname El Cachorro, or The Cub, offered a news conference on Wednesday in El Paso, Texas, at the office of his lawyer, Carlos Spector, who handles a number of asylum claims by Mexicans. 

The unsigned editorial challenged Miguel Angel's reported assertion that the newspaper knows more about who might be behind the crimes of journalists in Veracruz.

“You well know that if anyone knows who killed your family -- and why -- it is you," the editorial said.

It said Miguel Angel wasn't formally on the payroll of the tabloid, had no work schedule and shot photos freelance for his father. It alleged that the son lived for a period in Mexico City in a house of a cousin but that the cousin was "murdered under circumstances that were never cleared up." 

The rampant killing of journalists in Veracruz is a particularly nasty matter. Read stories I've written here and here about it. As far as I know, none of the culprits have been arrested. Without justice, the killings are likely to continue in Veracruz, where eight journalists and photojournalists have been slain in 18 months. 


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Carol Wheeler

Without justice, yes, it will continue. How can this be? Don't Mexican authorities have any heart or feeling, just pockets to hold the money they get from the culprits? Calderon!!? Viva Amlo!!

mike  morell

mexico and europe share same problem with addicts and smugglers. why so much violence here and not there? think... yes! the NRA. While europe outlaws all guns, howitzers fall in the hands of lunnies and Narcos thanks to the second amendment. and the mayhem goes on south and north of the border.

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