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Offering handouts to lure voters

This is a very good report on the abundant handouts given by political parties in the run-up to Sunday's election. Parties deny it but it is clear the handouts (and cash) have drawn people to candidate rallies, making each candidate appear more popular than they really are. Try filling the Azteca Stadium without handouts. Only Justin Bieber and Paul McCartney can do that. There's also been controversy about voters taking cell phones into voting booths. The electoral institute has ruled that they will be allowed -- amid reports that voters who take photos of their filled out ballots inside the booth can get compensation from some parties. This may be true on municipal levels but several analysts say it would be far to expensive to carry out on a national level.


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Serenity Escapes

somebody sent me a spam, or at least I think it is, regarding the use of pencils in the ballot booths...pencils!!...I wrote back and said it has to be a joke, but the response (from a highly aware and intelligent person) was "ya estan maquinando el fraude"....surely this cannot be, I mean, PENCILS to vote?

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