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'Time Out' comes to Mexico City

If you can make your way with Spanish, and you’re coming to Mexico City, there’s a handy new tool to find out what’s happening in the capital.

“Time Out,” the venerable weekly listings magazine that is already published in 60 major cities around the world, has finally come to Mexico City. 

The second edition was published this month. As someone who likes to see what restaurants are hot, which musicians are coming to town and what else is happening, this is just the thing. 

There’s the usual hipster, slightly snarky tone, with the big city feel. This month’s edition has articles on “Restaurants with terraces” and “The City seen from a Bicycle.” It also has a comparison of the Will Ferrell movie “Casa de mi Padre” and the Mel Gibson movie “Get the Gringo,” both of which are set in Mexico. Time Out says Ferrell wins, and his movie is "amusing, absurd and ridiculous." 

Unfortunately for our family, there is a column on our favorite restaurant, El Parnita, in the Roma district, that will only make the lines longer to get in. A few weeks ago, we had to wait an hour on a Sunday. But the food is lip-smacking worth it, especially the “Carmelita” breaded shrimp tacos.


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Tim J

Sean, I'll leave it to you to wander over to Tepito to pick one up! Sorry, but when I'm in Mexico my butt is often chained to the computer, which is probably better than fighting traffic. Moreover, I had some hectic travel recently to Nayarit, jalisco and Coahuila.

Serenity Escapes

geez, amigo Tim, is the mag available in any less toney neighborhoods?...maybe there is a pirate copy in Tepito

Tim J

Unfortunately, I don't. The magazine has just shown up in our house. I think my wife finds it somewhere. I know it's available in various parts of La Condesa, Polanco and Roma, for sure.


Do you know where we can find a copy of June TimeOut Mexico?


Serenity Escapes

interesting how that term "hip" or "hipster" has evolved over the years to mean something ENTIRELY different..

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