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Mexico's old courtyard homes

Earlier this week, a photographer friend with whom I’m working and I stayed at a delightful hotel in San Blas in Nayarit state on Mexico’s central Pacific Coast.

IMG_2943I’m not sure I’ve stayed in a colonial mansion with a central courtyard before. But it’s got a lot of charm. Most of the rooms at the Hacienda Flamingos Hotel open on to the courtyard, filled with vegetation and flowers and with a central fountain.

I awoke in the morning to have coffee in a rocking chair and listen to the gurgle of water from the fountain while enjoying their wifi. Ceiling fans kept the languid air circulating.

The walkway around the courtyard is broad. So while you are close to the garden, you aren’t overwhelmed by it.  This particular hotel dates to 1883. 

If you ever make it to San Blas, which is near some great Pacific surfing spots, try out the Las Islas restaurant. My friend and I couldn’t believe how good the seafood and fish were. 


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Serenity Escapes

un chingo de mosquitoes....San Blas was the first place I ever went in Mexico, back in the 70s...it is pretty much the same


Nice getaway spot.


what about the mosquitos??? everything is fine?? San Blas have a spectacular nature! fantastic place, except for that litle friends.. auchhh!

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