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Latina moms vs Tiger moms

And now for something entirely different. What is the trick that makes Latina mothers so effective despite a hands-off style?

It is La Chancla -- the slipper. Check out this video, which had us rolling on the floor in our house. There's a bit of truth in it, for anyone immersed in the region. Who needs Tiger moms? Here's the blurb from the YouTube site:

Why are Hispanic children so well-behaved?

The secret is Hispanic culture, which emphasizes boundaries, developmental growth and a traditional technique known as La Chancla.

For centuries, the secret of La Chancla has helped millions of Latina moms:

Focus attention to each child's unique needs.

Instill values of fairness and fair play.

Encourage healthy eating habits.

Learn the discipline required to excel in academics.

Moral reasoning.

La Chancla can help every parent master a truly hands-off parenting style.


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Wow, I wish all that about respect for boundaries and developmental growth were all true. Sorry, but I think that's romanticizing things.

I'm Mexican-American and I'm married to a Mexican.

It's really more like this: The family is seen as the main unit. Each individual within the family is like a cell. Each cell has their role to play in the family.

If you are lucky enough to be the "primogenito" or first born son you will be spoiled, coddled, praised and given any and all opportunities possible.

If, unfortunately you are a daughter your lot in life is to be a servant. You learn to cook and clean and help your mother and you also help take care of your siblings. You cook for your brothers and do their laundry and you clean their rooms. And if you are one of the youngest daughters, heck you don't even exist except for when errands need to be run or the older women need a little servant to do food prep or dish washing or ironing or laundry. Heck you aren't even an individual.

Respect for boundaries and attention to developmental growth my A**.

Yeah, it really goes to show that people really only see what they want to see.

And if Mexicans told you that they are concerned with teaching their children proper boundaries, well clearly they're lying. I mean, if Mexicans respected boundaries would 12 million of them be living in the US in violation of immigration laws?

Serenity Escapes

ha!!...so true..."chancla", however, is "sandal", I think, or at least that is the way it is used in Mexico

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